Surnames and Locations

These are some of the surnames that occur in my family tree and the locations that are associated with them.

Tapply or Tapley- Kent, England (Wittersham, Tenterden and Rolvenden) Worcester County, Massachusetts(Fitchburg), various locations in New Hampshire
more distantly in Australia, New Zealand and Canada
Freed or Frid - Kent, England
Paine or Payne- Kent, England
Benn- London and environs, England
Lansdell or Lansell- Kent, England
Fitzgerald- Macroom, County Cork, Ireland and Boston, MA
Desmond- County Cork
Cooke or Cooke - County Sligo, (Tubbercurry- Curry village, Cloonigan, Banada) Boston, MA
Cahel - Achonry, County Sligo, Ireland
Feeley or Fehily or Feely- Achonry,County Sligo, Ireland
Rogers - Holden, Massachusetts and Worcester County, Barnstable County(Harwich and Eastham)
Smith- Fitchburg and Worcester County, MA, Litchfield, Maine, various locations in Maine
Harrington-Worcester County, Massachusetts
Howe or How- Massachusetts
Pierce or Pearce -Massachusetts
Herrick- Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire
Knapp- Maine and Massachusetts
Lowell- Kennebec and Oxford Counties, Maine, Massachusetts
Richardson- Kennebec County, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire
Johnson- Owen County, Indiana (Spencer), Clay County, Indiana
Archer- Owen County, Indiana, Maryland and Virginia, possibly Pennsylvania
Dunn- Owen County, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennesee and Virginia
Harrod, Herrod- Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Indiana
Farrar- Maine and Massachusetts
Coombs- Pennsylvania, Indiana
Karr- Kentucky, Indiana


  1. Curious about the Farrar connection - Meg Gardner;

  2. Wow! I am related to you on the Pierce, Rogers, and Howe sides.....and possibly even more! I live in houston. We should meet at Starbucks sometime! 713-817-6200