Saturday, July 11, 2015

Sibling Saturday

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On the top row with the headband, my grandmother Primrose Tapply. Just below her also
in a headband, her sister Beatrice Tapply. I'm guessing this is pre-1920 when each of them
got married. No idea who the two friends are, but from the other pictures in the group I think
this is a trip to the beach.


  1. Great photo! I have one something like this that includes my great-grandmother. I can recognize her, her mother, and her aunt in the picture, but there are several others that I can only guess must be her cousins and grandmother. If I'm right about the grandmother, then mine has to be before 1918 when she passed.

  2. Yes, deciphering old photos is a whole other job in genealogy. I only wish I had a lot more of them. I love looking at them and imagining these people in their time.